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We are here to provide you with answers and help you discover the questions you still need to ask.



ISI is an innovative analytical laboratory and scientific consulting company, bringing professional and personal investigative science to you, where you need it most. We have been certified to the ISO 9001 series of quality standard since 1996. All of our work is completely auditable, legally defensible and compatible with ISO companies worldwide.

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Discover Our Expertise

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Analytical Services

ISI performs several different sorts of services for our clients. We are unique in that we work with you to help you understand your problem and find the tests and solutions you need.

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Regulatory Testing

ISI helps you ensure that the substances you are producing and using comply with the regulations your government has established to protect human health and the environment.

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Consulting Services

ISI personalizes all of the work performed for each client, helping them to pinpoint problems as well as aiding them in the development and implementation of innovative solutions.

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