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Consulting Services

ISI’s scientific consulting services are your ideal choice. We strive to fully understand what a client needs and what is non-essential. We personalize all of the work we perform for each client, helping them pinpoint their problems as well as aiding them in the development and implementation of innovative solutions. We offer technical consultation, inform you of what we know to be true based on facts rather than simply what we think might be the case.


ISI also offers the rare advantage of having a laboratory onsite. Therefore, when questions come up, we are able to run the required tests ourselves, quickly finding the answers and explanations needed to provide fact-based consulting services. 

Chemistry & Biology

The core of our scientific consulting expertise lies within the fields of chemistry and biology, particularly dealing with pharmaceutics, petroleum, petro-chemical, pesticide, agrochemical, and manufacturing. We work with our clients on matters of sampling needs, method choice, analysis, reporting and data reviews. We are particularly adept at the identification of unknown or rare chemicals and the determination of their impact on human health, the environment and industrial equipment. Our consulting services allow you to come to us with very little upfront information -we will guide you through discovering the questions you need to be asking and help you find the answers you require.

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Industry Problem Solving

A problem is a pivotal opportunity for either success or failure. It is also the key moment when finding the right sort of professional support can make a difference in the outcome. ISI is highly adept at helping our clients define the problems they are encountering, discovering the cause of these problems and working to find a solution. In the past, we have allied with industrial clients on problems of environmental contamination, understanding how chemical materials were interfering with a process, unplanned waste and runoff, product creation and difficulties arising from unintended variations in methodology. We hold ourselves to high confidentiality standards for every case that we take on. We are willing to review and sign non-disclosure agreements and other procedural paperwork that may be required in order to protect our clients and ensure their full peace of mind.

Expert Opinion

The consulting scientists at ISI are available to review insurance and legal cases to evaluate whether scientific analysis could be helpful in supporting or challenging claims. As a part of our services, we provide a personalized, straightforward and honest appraisal of the case. ISI expert opinion reports always contain a clear and accessible review and interpretation of the data. We also have extensive skill in drawing critical samples, conducting analytical analysis and evaluating the results against witness testament. Since we have a laboratory on-site, we can develop original, technical and fact-based reports for submission as evidence and fully support them with our expert testimony. Our work is completely auditable, legally defensible and compatible with all other ISO accredited laboratories worldwide.

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Consulting chemisty

The expert chemists at ISI have decades of experience in chemistry consulting.  This takes many forms, and with the support of our hands-on laboratory includes:

  • Lab scale, bench scale and pilot scale development and assessment of new product formulations

  • Determination of surrogate compounds for Regulatory approval

  • Toxicology assessments of compounds and mixtures

  • Support for toxicity and ecotoxicity testing

  • Support for synthesis chemistry

  • Reverse engineering and de-formulation of industrial and commercial products

Project management

ISI’s years of proven experience and expertise can be relied on to manage technical manufacturing projects of various levels of complexity. We are professional and dedicated. We clearly define desired outcomes, create concrete plans and efficiently manage to meet both standards and deadlines within budget. At ISI, we view productive collaborative planning and project management as the best way to avoid the problems we are often later called in to solve. When given the opportunity to lead from the beginning, we carefully plan before taking action as well as constantly monitor in order to identify and address potential problems before they occur. We work to implement the systems to ensure a continuous program of quality control and rational standardised practices across the entire project.

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our Other Services

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Analytical Services

ISI performs several different sorts of services for our clients. We are unique in that we work with you to help you understand your problem and find the tests and solutions you need.

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Regulatory Testing

ISI helps you ensure that the substances you are producing and using comply with the regulations your government has established to protect human health and the environment.

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