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Analytical services

ISI performs several different sorts of services for our clients. We are unique in that, while we have the laboratory to perform the tests you know you want, we will also work with you to help you to understand your problem and find the tests and solutions that you truly need. 


Our testing is carried out to meet the international standards, if required, and all work is conducted under our ISO 9001 umbrella. Our work is fully auditable and legally defensible. 

Research & Development

ISI has the expertise and experience required for performing skilful R&D in the fields of chemistry, analytical science, and biology. We regularly assist clients in the development of customised scientific investigations aimed at providing real and accessible answers to their chemical related problems. Our R&D experience includes literature searches, consulting chemistry,  bench-scale investigations, process improvement plans, analytical method development, preparation & characterisation of primary standards, classification of unknowns, full product development and general research into novel chemical methodologies.

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Quality Control

ISI is frequently employed to perform both quality assurance, helping our clients to establish products that meet or exceed regulation standards, and quality control, organising programs of sampling and analysis to demonstrate continued compliance to specifications. Alongside offering customary quality control services, we are also experienced with method validation, laboratory round-robins, ISO internal auditing and the preparation and isolation of quality control standards. ISI’s continued commitment to maintaining ISO 9001:2015 registration gives our clients the assurance that we are dedicated to strong quality management and continuous improvement. All our work is fully auditable, legally defensible and compatible with ISO companies worldwide.

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EAB Quality Control Services

Non-Routine Testing

Since ISI takes the time to understand our clients’ needs, we regularly find ourselves in the position of creating and running non-routine tests. We work with you to understand your goals and intelligently adapt our testing method to address your specific issues. We are also able to accommodate various sample types, tailoring the test rather than relying on repetitive, bulk analysis.


When needed, we have a group of labs and universities with which we consult and contract to perform specialised tests and allow our clients to access research grade instrumentation. We ensure that our client obtains what they need from these third party labs and our chemists have the expertise to know when these specialised analyses are needed and to oversee their execution.

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Forensic Testing & Simulation

Forensic engineers, law enforcement officials, lawyers, insurance companies and insurance adjusters often require technical assistance in cases of fire, explosion or accidents where wrong-doing is suspected.  ISI provides chemical analysis and expert interpretation to support these professionals. ISI specialises in forensic sampling programs on key evidentiary materials where insurance, legal or criminal issues must be addressed. We are both observant of time sensitivity and thorough in our work, providing our clients with accuracy –the most important tool you can have in any forensic investigation.


Our Forensic Testing & Simulation services include:

·   Sample extraction and analysis for the presence and identification of a liquid accelerant

·   Laboratory-scale simulations, which can include the re-creation of weather scenarios, study of the effect of combustibles and re-creation of site scenarios to help an expert determine the reliability of their interpretation

·   Classification and identification of unknown samples collected at investigation sites

·   Conduct site sampling collection for forensic use and site clean-up acceptance

·   Applied environmental forensics to address both causation and accountability in cases of environmental contamination

·   Provide sampling kits containing supplies and sampling instructions based on location and sample type for collection of forensic samples.

·   Provide interpretation of the results

Validation studies

When bringing a product to market, it is advantageous to provide the correct documentation showing compliance to regulatory standards. It is also important to provide documentation that the end product is the outcome of a repeatable and reliable process. ISI’s scientists are skilled at both product and process validation. We have decades of experience working with clients to obtain the appropriate data and reports to make sure thorough and timely validation documents are available for submission.

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Industrial Building

industry support

Many industries no longer have a comprehensive in-house laboratory capability. Those businesses with laboratories often do no have the required equipment, expertise or the time to conduct  thorough and accurate testing. ISI often collaborates with industrial clients as a part of their on-going projects, filling the knowledge and expertise gap that comes from not having an in-house laboratory or in-house know how. Examples of activities we have performed for industry include standard testing, trouble-shooting, desktop review of previously conducted analytical data/interpretation, experimental design, finished product stability trials, reverse engineering of products, process simulations and pilot scale tests.

our Other Services

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Regulatory Testing

ISI helps you ensure that the substances you are producing and using comply with the regulations your government has established to protect human health and the environment.

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Consulting Services

ISI personalizes all of the work performed for each client, helping them to pinpoint problems as well as aiding them in the development and implementation of innovative solutions.

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